Infection Control Training Promotion

The Middle-Brook Regional Health Commission (MBRHC) has received a grant from the New Jersey Association of County and City Health Officials to support collaboration with long term care and other healthcare facilities to advance infection control practices. MBRHC staff will participate in the Strike Team Infection Control Train the Trainer, a program designed to provide trainings, education, and tools regarding infection prevention and control practices. This will provide foundational knowledge of infection prevention and control measures emphasizing the importance of proper implementation measures and protocols in healthcare settings. The program aims to strengthen confidence in applying infection prevention and control principles to protect staff, patients, and the healthcare community from infectious disease. Two MBRHC team members, Eze Udensi, MD and Megan Romanovich, MPH have been trained through the Strike Team Infection Control Train the Trainer program and are looking forward to passing on the information to help facilities combat the spread of disease. They will be reaching out shortly to offer trainings and look forward to passing in this valuable information to our partners in the community. Please contact the Commission at 732-968-5151 or by email to or for more information.