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The governing body of the MBRHC, referred to as the Commission, consists of two volunteer representatives from the Boards of Health in each of the four towns served. These representatives bring with them a variety of personal and professional abilities and expertise to serve in this capacity. The Boards of Health for each town meet several times a year to discuss issues particularly relevant to its town. The Commission addresses broader public health concerns which affect all four municipalities, and its meetings are held at the Green Book Municipal Building, also several times a year. The public is welcome to attend any Commission and local Board of Health meeting. Please contact MBRHC at 732-968-5151 to confirm schedule. Meetings are operated in accordance with the Sunshine Law.

Commission Meetings

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Green Brook Board of Health Meetings

26 May
Green Brook Board of Health Meeting
Date 05.26.2022 7:00 pm
22 Sep
1 Dec

Warren Board of Health Meetings

13 Jul
Warren Board of Health Meeting
07.13.2022 7:00 pm
14 Sep
Warren Board of Health Meeting
09.14.2022 7:00 pm
9 Nov
Warren Board of Health Meeting
11.09.2022 7:00 pm

Watchung Board of Health Meetings

20 Jul
21 Sep
16 Nov

Commission & Board Members

2021 Commission Members

Green Brook

Jon Fourre, Member
Jean Mazet, Member
Bob Longo, Alternate

President: Gregory Riley                                   

Vice President: Jon Fourre

Treasurer: Angela Valerio

2021 Board of Health Members

Green Brook

Atul Shah, President
Jon Fourre, Vice President
Jerry Searfoss, Council Liaison
Natalie Farry
Bob Longo
Jean Mazet
Patricia Ricci-Allegra

Middle-Brook Regional Health Commission
111 Greenbrook Rd. Green Brook, NJ 08812-2501 / P 732-968-5151 / F 732-968-5331



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