Mental/Emotional/Social Health

There are many factors that contribute to good mental and emotional health. Having a positive sense of self, being in touch and true to oneself, living in a way that is consistent with your values and beliefs, feeling like you have a sense of purpose, having work or hobbies that bring you joy, and finding inner peace. If you are having trouble with any of these, here are some examples to help you and hopefully inspire you to come up with ones of your own. 

Forest bathing is a great way to connect with nature and yourself. It is the practice of immersing yourself in a forest, and taking in the beauty and stillness that surrounds you so you can achieve inner peace and harmony. Experiencing the forest with your five senses through the ways of watching the sun shine through the trees, hearing the birds chirp, feeling the bark of a tree or the cool soil under your feet, and smelling and tasting the fresh air as you breathe in. Take a walk on the beach, a place which also has many healing qualities, around a lake, or through mountainous areas. You can even create a space in your own backyard just for yourself where you can retreat and rejuvenate. Listen to relaxing music. Start a spiritual practice like meditation, which is very helpful with stopping the chatter in your mind and releasing stress. Book a massage and experience the release of muscle tension, an increase in circulation, draining of the lymphatic system and many other benefits. When you relieve stress and quiet your mind, your true self and the answers you’ve been seeking are more likely to come through.

Your relationships with others can also affect your mental and emotional health. Having and nurturing relationships, whether they be with family or friends, offers the reciprocated feelings of being loved and cared for, accepted and appreciated. This can occur by spending quality time with your loved ones, acting as a good role model and instilling healthy habits to your children, assisting sick or elderly parents, or being there for a friend going through a hard time. 

Involving yourself with your community, child’s school or religion by volunteering, fundraising, and participating in activities, is a great way to feel connected to others outside your immediate circle and make new friends. Another way to expand your circle and meet new people, or something to do together with your close ones, is to start a new hobby. Join a book club, take an art or cooking class, start a blog, try a new sport, trek a new trail, or go camping. The options are endless. If you want to reach out even further, there are many charities and causes you can get involved with that help the environment, animals, and those who are poor or sick. Spend your Thanksgiving Day handing out meals at a food bank or drop off toys to various foundations during the Christmas season. At the very least, you can donate unused or gently used items from your home to a church or thrift store. Supporting and giving to others is a great way to feel joy, contribute to a positive sense of self, and help you feel like you have a bigger purpose in life.

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